The story behind our company

How It Started

Amy Yamada’s journey into the realm of business coaching and AI marketing began with her roots in corporate media sales. With over twenty-four years of experience, Amy has carved a niche for herself as a pioneer in authentic marketing and deep human connection. Her transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship was driven by a keen insight into the essence of communication and its profound impact on business success. With her vast experience and a passionate belief in the power of psychology-centered brand messaging, Amy founded her business twelve years ago. Her mission was clear: to empower entrepreneurs to master their communication with their target audience, leveraging a deep understanding of their ideal client. 

How It’s Going

Today, Amy stands as a seasoned speaker, trainer, and AI marketing expert, renowned for her authentic approach to messaging, deep human connection, and humanizing Artificial Intelligence.

Her signature AI-based product, the “Ideal Client Handbook,” has positioned her as a visionary leader in the field. This innovative AI-based tool, birthed from Amy’s deep understanding of client psychology, enables entrepreneurs to forge meaningful connections with their audiences through qualitative analysis.

Amy’s expertise in developing psychology-centered brand messaging resources and mentorship has empowered countless entrepreneurs, guiding them towards impactful and meaningful business success.

Her work has not only transformed the way businesses communicate with their audiences but has also established Amy as a leading authority in the AI industry for experts.

Our Mission

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About Our Services

We look forward to empowering your business communication and connecting you with your ideal clients in the most authentic and impactful way.