Customized Ideal Client Avatar Analysis


Become a Magnet for Your Best Future Clients

The accurate, customized, done-for-you deep qualitative analysis to help you gain clarity and confidence on your ideal client’s habits, desires, fears and innermost thoughts.

Ideal Client Handbook

Customized Ideal Client Avatar Analysis

Uncover Your Ideal Client’s Core Motivations and Buying Psychology

Moving beyond surface demographics, the Ideal Client Handbook constructs a profile of your audience’s identity, fears, and aspirations using a cascade of deep compounding insights based on just three inputs about you.

How It Works:



Purchase + Set Up

Start by purchasing your Ideal Client Handbook from our website, log in and set up your dashboard.


Three Questions

Our streamlined Intake Form consists of just three key questions designed to help our AI understand the core aspects of your business and your ideal client:


Ideal Client Handbook

Within just 15 minutes of submitting your Intake Form, you’ll receive an email containing your in-depth, customized Ideal Client Handbook.


Your Business

Implement the Insights to create compelling messaging that resonates with your ideal client, develop products and services that people want and more!


Your Ideal Client report will include:


Detailed demographics and psychographics

Behavioral patterns and preferences

Communication styles and persuasion techniques

Pain points, challenges, and aspirations

And much more!

Don’t waste any more time on generic, one-size-fits-all marketing strategies. Invest in the power of deep client understanding with’s Ideal Client Handbook and watch your business transform.

Get started today and experience the difference that profound client insights can make for your business. Purchase your Ideal Client Handbook now and take the first step towards unlocking your business’s full potential!

What People Are Saying about

Omfg! You guys nailed it. I just did my client handbook and am blown away. The process was simple and quick (even I didn’t get all caught up in overthinking it). Hahaha! I just used it with Claude and asked for a brand image, slogan and color palette. Whoa! I cannot wait to get it out into the world.

Thanks so much!”

Jayme Dill

Leadership Coach

“That Handbook is GOLD!!! Most amazing resource I have invested in yet”

Jennifer Anne Elia

“I’ve been spinning my wheels for a long time, just trying to figure out how to appeal to my ideal clients. What Amy and Ken have created is really something unbelievable; you can’t even know what you’re missing until you experience it. All the things that are in my Ideal Client Handbook are mind blowing. I can’t thank you enough, seriously. I wish this existed a year ago, 2 years ago, 10 years ago. It’s life changing!”

Dr. Josephine Chung

Psychologist, Conscious Parenting Coach

“One word: “Wow!” This is fascinating and shockingly accurate.”

Charles E. Gaudet II

CEO & Founder, Predictable Profits

Your AI software has me emotional to the accuracy of portrayal of my ideal client. How can I help you move this technology out into the world?Pinpointing my ideal client info and languaging for my business has been a nemesis for years now. Reading through the entire report this morning is liberating to not only how spot on I’ve been but how to expand the specific conversation. Grateful! :pray::skin-tone-2:

Kelley Wilks

Real Estate Associate Broker

The information I’ve received from the Ideal Client Handbook is absolutely invaluable and has already been so impactful in my work.”

Terisa Humiston

“What I got back was OMG, clarity and so much info for me to move forward. My marketing is going to change and be refined with this.”

Michele Laine

Consistently Attract Your

True Ideal Client!

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